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Instructions & Frequently Asked Questions

​At Twisted Anchor Boat Rentals, your safety is our number one priority.

 We are available at all times throughout the whole rental process.  From the initial contact, to returning to the dock, we only want the best experience for our clients.  Book your rental  today by calling us at 941-348-3292.

Boating Rental Operating Instructions
  • There are many shallow areas that can come up fast so always stay between the RED & GREEN channel markers to avoid running aground. ​​

  • To avoid damage to the prop, please stay clear of any buoys or trap markers, and if you get stuck, trim the motor up and shift the weight to the front of the boat.  

  • There are designated NO WAKE ZONES and SLOW SPEED MINIMUM WAKE signs that are clearly marked so please obey at all times.  This rule is taken very seriously and is cause to be stopped.

  • PLEASE STAY IN THE CHANNELS!!  There are a lot of  shallows that can cause damage to the boat, seagrass bed and unsafe boating conditions. USE THE GARMIN GPS AT ALL TIMES.

  • BEACHING THE BOAT IS PROHIBITED.  It can cause serious damage.

  • WAKE NAVIGATION: When you are approached by a large boat in the channel, slow down as their wake could swamp the boat.

  • MARINE GARMIN GPS will be onboard to help navigate the channels, water depth and your location.   A tutorial will be given prior to leaving the dock.

  • Beaching the boat is discouraged as it can easily cause damage.  

  • Drop the anchor first when ANCHORING THE BOAT.  To set the anchor, pull the rope taught.  When bringing the anchor on board, please rinse it off and take care not to damage the boat.

  • ALWAYS  put the ladder up before the boat is moved.  It will cause damage ​if it is left down. ​ ​

  • DOCKING: DO NOT tie the boat up with the anchor line. It will cause damage to the seats/upholstery that you are responsible for.  DO NOT move the dock lines.  DOCK ONLY in the Port-left-side of the boat.

  • DRIVER/OPERATOR Twisted Anchor Boats requires the designated driver, signed on the driver/operator waiver, to be at least 30 years of age, have at least two years of legitimate operating a boat experience, anchoring and docking experience and have a valid drivers license.  

  • It is the drivers/operators responsibility to keep everyone onboard, other vessel on the water and their passengers safe.  All safety equipment and rules and regulations will be reviewed before driving the boat.  

  • Twisted Anchor Boats, LLC reserves the right to refuse a driver if any representative in the company feels the driver has misrepresented themselves in regards to experience or safety. 

  • Everyone is to remain seated in designated seating areas while the boat is in motion. Do not sit on the back of the seats. Keep gates closed at all times while the boat is in motion. Do not enter the water when the motor is on. Do not dive in the water before the water depth is confirmed. 


Please obey all slow speed and minimum/no wave zones

Please protect the seagrass life by avoiding shallow areas. visit Be Seagrass Safe for more info.

Florida Boating Laws
  • SB606 FLORIDA LAW:  Florida implemented new safety livery laws, SB606,  and we are in compliance offering the option for our clients to purchase insurance to cover the rental period, a Boat Livery Permit as well as NASBLA Safety Certified, specific insurance requirements and have all approved and required USCG safety equipment onboard.

  • LIFE JACKETS: Children 6 years and under are required to wear a USCG approved life jacket at all times while onboard the boat, and any child over 6 years and under 90lbs is required to have a life jacket available when the boat is moving. Life jackets are easily accessible for everyone on board. (Infant/Child/Youth life jackets are subject to availability.) Infants are not recommended to come aboard.  If they are brought on board, the renter assumes all responsibility and liability.  

  • FLORIDA LAW REQUIRES anyone born on or after January 1, 1988 to have completed a Boating Safety Course in order to operate a boat. A Florida Boat Renter Temporary Certificate can be obtained on-line for $9.99 at:

  • ALCOHOL IS PROHIBITED WHILE DRIVING.  A BUI (Boating Under the Influence) will go on your record permanently.  

  • DRIVER/OPERATOR Twisted Anchor Boats requires the designated driver, signed on the driver/operator waiver, to be at least 30 years of age, have at least two years of legitimate operating a boat experience and have a valid drivers license.  

  • KILL SWITCH: Florida "Ethan's" Law requires the driver/operator to wear the kill switch at all times while operating the boat.

  • SPECIAL HAZARD LAW:  Requires all boaters within 300 feet  from a law enforcement boat with the lights or sirens on, to slow to minimum wake speed.

  • UNDER FEDERAL AND/OR STATE LAW it is a crime to operate a boat while persons are sitting on the front (bow), sides (gunwales), rear (stern), or swim platform. This behavior is considered grossly negligent operation of a boat.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Aerosol spray lotions

  • Fishing and a pet not allowed on Godfrey Pontoon

  • Fishing equipment-only allowed on the Harris & Bennington

  • Sharp objects  

  • Alcohol consumed by the driver

  • Rowdy or unsafe behavior

  • Towing/Tubing/Skiing 

  • Using life jackets to wade in the water

  • Grills/Fires/Fireworks

  • Illegal drugs and Firearms

  • Anyone onboard not listed on and signed the participant liability waiver

  • Anyone driving the boat that has not signed the driver/operator waiver ​



  • Jewfish Key Sand Bar

  • Beer Can (Greer) Island

  • Sister Key 

  • Palma Sola Bay

  • Dock & Dine restaurants in the ICW

These areas are permissible BUT are dependent on weather conditions, driver experience and # of people on board.

  • Egmont Key

  • Passage Key (clothing optional area)

  • South of Longboat Key

  • Gulf Waters-no further off the coast than 1 mile


  • Skyway Bridge 

  • North of Egmont Key

  • Ft. Desoto Park

  • Docking at Rod & Reel

  • Docking at Anna Maria City Pier

  • Anchoring on the beach at the Gulf side of the Island


Cancellation must be made BY PHONE PRIOR to 48 hours to the start of the rental period in order to get a deposit refund. Any cancellation made less than 48 hours prior to the start rental period will not be eligible for a refund.


  • All drivers must have at least two years of prior legitimate boating experience.

  • All drivers must be at least 30 years of age and provide a valid driver's license.

  • All drivers born after 01/01/1988 must complete a Boating Safety Course and show proof of completion before operating the boat.

  • All drivers must sign a liability waiver form prior to the start of the rental.

  • Twisted Anchor Boats, LLC reserves the right to refuse a driver if any representative of the company feels the driver has misrepresented themselves in regards to experience and/or adhering to safety.


  • A credit card will be on file for every boat rental to use for any damage, repair or loss that may occur during the rental period.

  • The renter will be held responsible if the costs of repairs, damage or loss  and may incur an extra cleaning charge which is subject to inspection.  ​

  • The boat will be fully inspected upon return.  If there is damage causing repair or loss, the renter will receive a description, pictures if applicable and cost of the damage.

  • If damage was not conveyed but discovered by Twisted Anchor Boats after the end of the rental period, the renter will be notified immediately upon discovery.

  • The renter agrees on this signed contract to be responsible for any and all damages, issues or bad conditions done to the boat during the rental period.


We take your safety very seriously and monitor the weather before and during your rental period. 

Conditions that would qualify for a refund:

  • If there is a small craft advisory

  • 80% chance of rain

  • A named storm in the forecast

  • Rain showers lasting more than 3 hours.  (Short showers do not quality)

  • All weather forecasts are done through local and the Tampa Bay area forecasts.

  • We have frequent showers and thunderstorms that can not always be predicted and you may be asked to return to the dock sooner than the end of the rental period for your safety.  This does not quality for a refund of any kind. (Multi-day rentals do not qualify for refunds if the weather is bad at any time during the rental period.)


  • The boat will be delivered with a full gas tank 

  • It is the renter's responsibility to return the tank full OR Twisted Anchor Boats will fill at $5.00 a gallon.  (We do not charge a service fee)

  • The gas use will be checked upon return and the renter will be informed of usage and charge. 

  • It is the renter and driver's responsibility to check the fuel gauge before the start of the rental period and when returning to the dock

  • If you prefer to fill up, there are several marina's on the water but they typically charge more per gallon  (Cannons in Longboat; Tide Tables, Annie's Bait & Tackle, and Seafood Shack in Cortez; Key's Marina and Waterline Marina in Holmes Beach, and Galati's Marina in Anna Maria.)


  • All adult USCG approved life vests.  Infant, Child and Youth life vests are subject to availability

  • All USCG required safety equipment

  • Dock ties, dock bumpers and anchors

  • Blue-tooth stereo system

  • ​Marine Garmin GPS

  • Map of the local boating areas

  • An onboard tutorial will be given prior to leaving the dock

  • COOLERS are available to rent @$20 for the day


 Fishing and the following guidelines: (NOT allowed on the Godfrey.)

  • Catch and release is preferred

  • Fishing equipment and bait are NOT allowed on the seats/upholstery

  • NO sharp objects allowed on the seats/upholstery

  • Fishing equipment and bait ARE to be kept on the floor

  • Turn OFF engine before casting

  • Do NOT cast over the seats

  • Only fish off the BACK of the boat

  • Do NOT fish in the Channels.  It is dangerous with other boat wakes.

  • NO cleaning the fish on the boat. 

  • There is a cleaning station back at the Coquina North Boat Ramp.


  • Anyone onboard 16 and over fishing, must have a fishing license and must adhere to legal limit, fishing seasons and Florida State fishing laws. They can be purchased at a Manatee Tax Collector Office, or at:                                                                                           A non-resident three day Saltwater Fishing License can be purchased for $17.00.

    Coquina North Boat Ramp


  • Fully charged cell phones and a way to keep them dry

  • Sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses

  • Extra towels, dry clothes & jacket

  • Water shoes-shells can be sharp

  • Cooler with food, drinks and snacks

  • Noodles for wading in the water

  • Toys for sand 

  • Fresh water for rinsing off

  • A fun attitude!


  • One pet is allowed ONLY on the Harris pontoon with prior permission

  • Pet must be 50lbs or under

  • No incessant barking, biting, chewing or jumping tendencies are allowed

  • Pet must be listed on the liability waiver and signed by the owner

  • Pet must be current with Rabies vaccination

  • Owner will be responsible for possible extra $25 cleaning fee

  • Owner will be responsible for any damages or injury caused by and to the pet

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