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Service to our community is close to our hearts. When we give of ourselves, we experience the joy of sharing our time and treasure. It is why we are passionate about the Non-Profit local organizations below that we support. We appreciate you taking the time to check out these wonderful missions that each provides in the community, whether it's supporting the homeless, conserving the Gulf waters' natural resources or helping woman change their lives.

Thank you, Ann & Patrick

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~ Love Her~Equip Her~Send Her ~

His Girls Discipleship is a 12-month residential recovery program based on Christianity and living godly, healthy, safe and productive lives. This program is life changing, not only for the woman, but also their family and the community by equipping them to live their best lives.   The non-profit has a yearly silent auction/fund raiser and also raise money through their Bless 'N Shop thrift store in Bradenton.

To support their mission and for more information:


~Research for Sustainable Aquaculture & Healthy Ecosystems~


The Gulf Shellfish Institute's dedicated team of scientists research ways to sustain aquaculture and maintain healthy ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico bay waters. They have used use our Harris Pontoon to gather research data. This Non-Profit is funded by grants and giving partners.

Please visit the website for more information and ways to support their work:


~Dedicated to the homeless and less fortunate by providing basic critical needs.~

This Non-Profit works tirelessly to reach out to as many people in need as possible. The Blessings Bags started by giving out toiletries to the less fortunate and has grown from there. With many dedicated volunteers and church small groups,  their mission now also blesses many with food, water, shoes, school supplies, Christmas presents and more. This non-profit has fund raising events and is always looking for more volunteers and donations.

To donate or get involved visit:

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